Psychotherapy Services in Midtown, NY

I, Barry J. Richman MD, am a board-certified clinical psychiatrist. I specialize in psycho-dynamic psychotherapy and offer a variety of psychotherapy services in Manhattan, specifically Midtown, NY. My work is built around helping individuals better understand themselves by understanding and recognizing maladaptive patterns in their behavior and around helping them to get better outcomes.

Why Psychotherapy?

I believe that through psychotherapy one develops a complex understanding of the individual. It is with this knowledge and understanding of how past events and upbringing has shaped and influenced an individual’s personality and defenses that we begin to understand how they are coping in the present.

My work builds from that deep understanding, and from there I offer any suggested medical interventions. Medication management and psychopharmacologic interventions can be part of the treatment plan.

I also collaborate with a variety of non-medical therapists to provide ongoing medication management and consultations for individuals who are in psychotherapy with other professionals. I have a special interest in the LGBTQ community and have many years of experience working with a diverse patient population.

Why Me?

I am a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and have a faculty appointment at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where I participate in resident training and from which I am graduated. I am also a graduate of the New York University Langone Health, where I completed a fellowship in psychiatry and law.

I am available for consultation for psychotherapy, medication management, and psychopharmacology services. Book an appointment online or call the office directly at +1 212.889.5463.