As a  physician, I am a medically trained and board certified psychiatrist who offers a variety of integrated approaches to patient care.  These include:

Therapy techniques come under a variety of different headings and patients are assessed for what is the most appropriate and useful treatment for them and for their particular problems and issues.  Therapy can be long or short term, cognitive-behavioral, supportive, explorative, or, psychodynamic, which is a particular interest and specialty of mine.
This is a type of psychotherapy based on the principles of psychoanalysis but is conducted face-to-face rather than lying down on a couch and draws on our understanding of how behavior is affected by our unconscious and how our past influences our behavior in the present.
Psychotherapy has proven to be useful for a variety of different conditions including depression, anxiety disorders, relationship and marital difficulties, and general relief of emotional suffering.

Not everyone seeking an evaluation requires medication, however, for many conditions which cause emotional suffering, medications have been demonstrated to be quite useful.  Fortunately today we have a wide range of medications from which to choose with relatively safe side effect profiles that can alleviate symptoms of mood disordersanxiety disorders, psychotic disorders and many other types of psychiatric syndromes.
As always careful evaluation for coexisting medical problems and a thorough and detailed medical history is a required part of a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation.  Medication recommendations can be discussed and an individualized regimen can be tailored to fit a particular patient’s specific symptoms and lifestyle.

Sometimes an individual’s treatment is divided and the psychiatrist provides only the medication portion while patients continue to see their long time therapist.  I am very comfortable working in this fashion and collaborate well with many non -MD professionals such as psychologists, clinical social workers, and nurse clinicians.

Completing my medical training during the AIDS crisis in New York City and working in C/L Psychiatry (sub-specialty of psychiatry dealing with medical illness) gave me many opportunities to learn about and become involved with the unique needs and concerns of the Gay Community.  I welcome diversity in my practice and am well acquainted with the many complex issues facing this population.

There are many reasons why people seek psychiatric help.  These may include feelings like frustration and anger management, personality changes, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, career issues, relationship issues, chronic medical conditions, loss, grief and bereavement issues, substance dependence or abuse, etc.  The list is long.  Consultations are easily arranged and are essential to restoring good mental health.